White Castle's signature square sliders are rolling in style with the introduction of two brand new White Castle food trucks. The specially outfitted burger vehicles will start off catering special events (because let's be real, what wedding or funeral would be complete without a plate full of White Castle sliders?) and then branch out to offer more traditional dining services. Where exactly depends which areas of Louisville, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio White Castle bigwigs deem lucky enough to receive a visit from the special slider trucks.

The trucks are still hammering out their menu, but right now it looks like they'll offer three variations on the traditional sliders that customers know and love. This includes the possibility of never-before-seen options like caramel fries that would be available for in-truck dining only. We gotta say, the mental image of one of these babies rolling up to our neighborhood and popping out tray after tray of sliders with a side (or three) of caramel fries is a pretty good one. Alas, White Castle's food truck experiment is confined to Kentucky and Ohio for now, so we'll just have to do some serious drooling from afar.

H/T BusinessWeek

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