McDonald’s China Unleashes Red Sausage Pork Burger and Chestnut Chicken Shrimp Burger

China McD

In celebration of Chinese New Year, McDonald’s is releasing two very unique burgers to their locations in China.  The new additions will be the Red Sausage Pork Burger and the Chestnut Grilled Chicken with Shrimp Sandwich. Both sandwiches are only available for a limited time through Feb. 11.

The Red Sausage Pork Burger is made of two pork patties, lettuce, sauce and one large slice of smoked Chinese sausage. The Chinese sausage, sometimes referred to as Harbin red sausage, is a speciality in the Northeast region of China. The Red Sausage burger is priced at 21 yuan ($3.47 USD).

The Chestnut Grilled Chicken with Shrimp Sandwich comes with a grilled and flattened piece of chestnut grilled chicken, lettuce, sauce and two breaded shrimp sticks. The surf and turf option is a bit extra, since chestnut chicken usually has to go through a braising process, and is available for 27 yuan ($4.46 USD).

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  • Don Young

    does anyone else think they might have just shipped all the extra MC Ribs to China?

    • John Watts

      Nothing similar to a McRib, although I wish they WOULD send them over here. The chicken is more of a chicken thigh, and it’s pretty tasty. They have a regular menu sandwich with that patty, and it’s pretty tasty. I have had the sausage burger, and it’s pretty nice. Haven’t had a chance to try the chicken-shrimp burger yet but a friend assures me it’s pretty good as well.