Would You Eat Crocodile Egg Ice Cream?


Compared to the rest of the world, Americans can be a very unadventurous bunch when it comes to food. We turn our noses up at raw fish, squeal like girls at fertilized duck eggs, even get a little queasy when our steaks are undercooked. Still, times are a-changing, and if we can come to embrace kale and chia seeds as a food group, then by golly, crocodile ice cream should garner at least some attention.


Picky eaters and conservationists needn't worry too much though, since the treat doesn't actually contain any crocodile meat. Available at the Sweet Spot ice cream shop at the Davao Crocodile Park in the Philippines, the not-so-scaly confection simply trades out traditional unfertilized chicken eggs for crocodile ones. Because it can.



Says shop owner Bianca Dizon, “You can really taste the difference and realize how the crocodile egg yolks enhance the texture of the ice cream. It’s so smooth and creamy.” Currently available in three different flavors: crocodile durian (a smelly, spiky custard-like fruit), crocodile pandan (a fragrant green leaf used as a wrap in several Asian cuisines), and crocodile dragon fruit (a mild, pink, kiwi-like fruit), it's also probably the best way to close out a long, hot day at the zoo. Well, assuming mama croc won't be able to smell her almost-offspring anyway.

H/T Rocket News + PicThx Sweet Spot