Whiskey Barrel Coffee is Exactly What it Sounds Like


Move over Baileys we just found a new way to get our whiskey coffee on.

Created by the Espresso Smith Brewing Company, Master Roaster Tal Fishman wanted to create a coffee experience. Not satisfied with having his coffee simply having hints of whiskey, Fishman decided to age green coffee beans in bourbon barrels to infuse them with that deep oaky taste. After two years the aging and roasting process was perfected to ensure his coffee finishes as bourbon.


The flavor is described as a "bold, dark character layered with cacao, charred oak, mesquite honey and clear-as-day, whiskey notes. It's sweet, rich and boozy in the cup."

In creating such a unique product the company didn't have the heart to dump their masterfully crafted coffee beans in your run-of-the-mill bag packaging. In order to seal in the aroma and flavors of their bourbon infused product the coffee is wax sealed in glass bottles similar to Maker's Mark. Whiskey Barrel Coffee is available in dark roast, light roast, and decaf.

In case sipping on a cup of bourbon-esque coffee doesn't wet your whistle you could always try their chocolate covered coffee beans. Available in Colombian White Chocolate, European Dark Chocolate, or European Milk Chocolate this sweet treat pairs the company's popular coffee beans with a rich chocolate flavor creating a brand new experience.


Whiskey Barrel Coffee, $49.99/Whiskey Barrel Coffee Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans, $29.99  @ Whiskey Barrel Coffee

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