Wendy's Twitter Roasts McDonald's Over Their New Fresh Beef

We all know how savage Wendy's Twitter account can be, but we weren't expecting this high level of it.

Following McDonald's announcement that their Quarter Pounders would be made with fresh beef by the middle of next year, Wendy's, who has been making their burgers with fresh beef from the start, decided to go after the fast food giant. And boy, did they hit hard.

Wendy's social media account didn't stop there, going after Mcdonald's repeatedly in responses that several other Twitter users gave to the original tweet.


Wendy's didn't stop at the fresh beef, either, going after McDonald's nuggets as well.

The following reply may be the most savage one that Wendy's rolled out over all of this.


I honestly feel kind of bad for the McDonald's social account at this point, as they clearly don't have a good way to clap back at Wendy's for this without getting slammed. At least, they haven't come up with one yet.

I'll leave it to Wendy's Twitter account to sum up this one-sided internet brutality for me.

Wendy's is really out here repping hard for Team Petty.