Watch This Plastic Coke Bottle Stand Up Against Super Heated Butcher Knife

If there's one utensil that's essential to cooking in every kitchen, it's probably a butcher or steak knife.  To a chef, a sharp knife is the do-all tool in the kitchen for them, slicing through tasks and chopping up to-do's in haste.

This week, Mr. Gear, A YouTuber dedicated to documenting dozens of eye-opening life hacks, heats up an ordinary kitchen knife to approximately 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and uses it to savagely cut through various house hold items like a stack of Post-Its, a block of cheese, and a bottle of Coca-Cola.

There's something soothing about watching a 1,000 degree slice and sizzle through random objects, because in just 24 hours, Mr. Gear's hot knife video gained more than 6 million views.


This super-heated knife cuts through most of the items with ease, until it encounters a 20oz. Coca-Cola bottle.

What's most interesting about this experiment is that despite the glowing red-hot temperature of the knife, the liquid seems to counteract the heat so quickly that the knife can no longer penetrate the melting plastic.

Mr. Gear attempts several angles, but still the fizzy soda begins to spit liquid at the camera, leaving Mr. Gear's ultra hot knife useless as he covers the spewing puncture marks from soaking the camera lens.


While seeing and hearing an ultra hot knife cut through random objects was oddly satisfying, it was a bit anti-climatic seeing the Coke bottle get the best of Mr. Gear's weapon of choice.

Mr. Gear probably didn't see how this one guy basically ruined the professional knife industry last week, when he showed us how to turn a $1 knife into an ultra-sharp Ginsu death blade, by sharpening it at home.