2 Chainz Drinks A $100 Cup Of Coffee Made From Cat Poop [WATCH]

It's safe to assume 2 Chainz will try anything as long as it's expensive enough. We last saw Chainz with pro skateboarder Nyjah Houston when they tried Berco's Popcorn, also known as billion dollar popcorn. The cost of $5 per kernel should answer any question as to why it's named that.

In his latest episode of Most Expensive Sh*t, the Watch Out rapper and Houston go cupping, which is the proper term when coffee tasting. They came across Kopi Luwak Coffee, priced at $600 a pound, which can be sold for more than $100 a cup. But the price isn't the only thing eye-popping about Kopi Luwak: the source of the coffee is from the feces of a certain type of jungle cat, called the civet. Once the civet digests coffee cherries, the pits are gathered.

"Cat shit coffee." - 2 Chainz


To add to the extravagance, just to make ONE CUP of this natural brew, it will set you back $9,000. What makes this coffee so special? Well, the two machines required to grind and brew the coffee are a few thousand dollars a piece.

The Blossom Brewer is $3,000, and known as the world's most consistent coffee brewer ,"to precisely reproduce brewed coffee flavor time and again," according to its website. The grinder, a Mahlkonig Ek-43, is $6,000.

So for about $9,600, you can drink coffee like a $CEO,OOO,OOO.