Walmart Testing Delivery Service That Gives Drivers Direct Access To Your Fridge

A new Walmart delivery service being tested could give drivers direct access to your home and allows them to put groceries straight into your fridge.

The new in-fridge delivery service is a collaboration between Walmart and August Home, a smart lock startup company. When you order groceries and other goods with this service, Walmart drivers would get a one-time access code to your home. You would receive a notification when the delivery person enters your home, and can observe the delivery real-time from your smartphone if you wish. The driver would drop off packages inside your home, place groceries in your fridge for you, then leave. The door would lock behind them and the driver's access code would no longer work afterward.

As delivery services increase, package thefts have become increasingly common in the news. Thus, this new system could be a plus for those worried about whatever they ordered getting stolen. Additionally, it makes getting groceries a whole lot more convenient, since you basically don't even need to go to the story anymore to shop.


Of course, there are also security concerns that come into question with this service. Walmart drivers could pilfer stuff from your home without the cameras or you noticing until it was too late. Even though a lot of security is in place for this program, it still takes quite a bit of trust to allow a stranger into your home to drop stuff off, especially when you're not around.

Currently, Walmart is testing the new delivery service with August Home users in Silicon Valley who have opted into the service.