Watch Vegans Try Meat For The First Time In Years

Though I can't imagine a world where I can never eat meat, I can respect practicing vegans and their decision to avoid consuming anything that comes from animals. It can definitely take a lot of will power to adopt that kind of diet.

The folks over at Facts managed to convince some practicing vegans to try meat for the first time in years. Some haven't touched the protein in decades and others have only been practicing for a few years.

A plethora of meat-heavy items were placed in front of the panel of vegans, ready to be devoured. Items include sausages wrapped in bacon, steak, spicy chicken wings, a burger, and veal.


Hearty stuff.

Check out all the different reactions to the variety of meats they try. Some of the vegans seem disgusted with the taste and textures of the proteins, while others actually appear to delight in trying the dishes just one more time.

Is it wrong how hungry I got watching this?