This Beer Brand's Genius New Design Has You Drinking Upside-Down Bottles


Sometimes, cracking open an ice-cold bottle of beer can be one of the most refreshing things in the world. For those that enjoy chugging the whole bottle in one gulp, however, things can always be faster.

In a hilarious campaign move for China's Tsingtao Brewery, DDB China has designed a new bottle that maximizes drinking potential for the alcoholic beverage. In doing so, the bottle is flipped where the cap is screwed on the base and the narrow end is held on to.

The bottles are, essentially, turned upside down.


While it design seems perfect for drinkers happy enough to finish a beer in a few attempts, it doesn't leave an option for those who like to set their bottles down and socialize. Guess that's what the original Tsingtao bottles are for.