Truff Finally Creates Their Own TRUFFLE OIL

For years, I've been indulging in Truff's famous truffle-infused hot sauce, and more recently, their truffle-infused mayo. For a while now, I've wondered: "When are they gonna just make their truffle oil?"

It looks like that wait is finally over.


Truff has announced their latest entry into the Truff line: Truffle Oil. The new Truffle Oil is a blend of real black winter truffles and olive oil.

Like with many of Truff's products, you can add the new truffle oil to a bevy of foods and dishes to give it that truffle-infused kick of decadence.

Truff's new truffle oil will only be available through and distributed on Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Shaw's, Giant, Sprouts, and World Market locations in the next couple of months.