This Couple Posted A 'Tipping Trick' That's Pissing Off The Internet


A pretty scummy Internet post is going viral, showing one of the cruelest ways to get "the best service of your life" at a restaurant.


Munchies reports that the image is going super viral and making its way to many publications and Reddit threads.

To sum up the block of text above, you go to a restaurant and lay out five singles on your table. You then meticulously pay attention to your waiter's service throughout the meal, knocking off a dollar every time a mistake is made. The post summates that your server will be so afraid to lose any part of that already-low tip that they'll produce uncanny service just to make the full five dollars.

The Facebook screenshot garnered some pretty major Internet backlash, with folks easily siding with waiters and waitresses.


Making a mockery of the people serving you aside, is this really how you'd want to try another human being just doing their job? It's shenanigans like this that makes us feel uneasy about the state of the world.