This is What a Cheetos Macaron Looks Like

Take note: that isn’t a cheese macaron you’re looking at, which would be slightly more normal (kind of). And that isn’t just fine-fine-finely grated cheese sprinkled on top. Nope, this little beauty is 100% a Cheetos macaron, covered with the always nostalgic Cheetos cheese dust, for your finger-lickin’ pleasure.

Brought to us from the same geniuses from New York’s Macaron Parlour responsible for candied bacon macarons, Cheetos macarons are a bizarre combination of savory and sweet. Like their namesake, the two cookies are incredibly orange, while the ganache inside is also flavored with crunchy cheese puffy goodness.


According to one Huffington Post editor, "… I kind of like that the cheesy Cheetos dust is such a contrast to the rest of the cookie. Plus, I think this deserves a badge for not being disgusting. This is the sort of thing that could easily tilt in that direction."

Just one question: when can I get the Flamin' Hot version?