This Is The Franken Frappuccino, Starbucks' Halloween Drink

franken frap

Although we know you're loving your daily dose of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, take a break and try out a new drink. The Franken Frappuccino, festively named after Frankenstein, will be the latest addition to Starbucks' Frappuccino mix, but only for three days.

The drink consists of a Green Tea Frappuccino, white mocha, peppermint syrup and java chips with whipped cream on top. The Franken Frap will be available from Oct. 29, up until Halloween, and although you can order it before 2 p.m., all grande Frappuccinos are going to be cheaper when bought after that time.


Who: Starbucks


What: $3 grande Frappuccinos after 2 p.m., including the Franken Frappuccino

When: Oct. 29 to Oct 31

Why: Because it's Halloween, ya dunce