This 7 Pound Breakfast Taco Will Cure Your Nastiest Hangover


Cinco De Mayo is only a few days away and most of us at the office are preparing our bodies for some pretty heavy alcohol consumption. While a hangover is pretty much guaranteed in our futures, El Original has a pretty heavy solution.

The New York City-based Tex-Mex restaurant has developed a 7-pound taco that's designed to cure Cinco De Mayo hangovers.



Called the Seis De Mayo hangover remedy, the massive taco features 12 eggs, a pound of bacon, a pound of sausage, a pound of potatoes, a pound of refried beans, a pound of grilled peppers & onions, 8 ounces of salsa, 8 ounces of Pico de Gallo and 4 ounces of queso fresco stuffed in a 12-inch flour tortilla.

It's then topped with additional shredded cheese and bacon strips. They've gone this far, so why not?

Like the name says, the taco will be available on May 6 at El Original. While it costs $50, can you really put a price on alleviating that nasty hangover?