Think About: Ketchup on a Pizza

It wasn't until a trip overseas last summer in the Middle East, during a taste-testting of some delicious pizza, did I uncover a weird pizza eating technique among some of my relatives. I actually wanted to pose this post as more of a discussion, because maybe I'm the naiive sheltered one, but, do you put ketchup on your pizza? Some people fold their pizza, some roll it into a burrito, some eat it crust first...but in Lebanon, my uncle took the slice, squeezed ketchup on it, and sliced it up with a fork and knife. I guess the pizza consists of a tomato base already, so this madness of ketchup-on-the-pizza-slice shouldn't be so awe-inspiring...should it? I of course tried it myself shortly after being exposed to the technique, it wasn't half bad! Of course, I haven't carried the tradition on over, but if you ever get a chance in the near future, go ahead and try some ketchup with your pizza. You may like it. You may not. Eat on though, eat on.