These Poutine Dumplings Will Have Canada Crying Foul


Those dudes from Epic Meal Time are at it again. They've already destroyed the sanctity of poutine once before with their Deep Fried Sushi Poutine, but these guys have outdone themselves with these Poutine Dumplings.

Canadians and Italians alike will probably will take the most offense to this international food mashup that pairs a massive potato maple bacon gnocchi-esque dumpling stuffed with cheese curds, coated with onion crunch, pan fried, and topped off with brown gravy.


Sure, Canada might be pissed since this is not technically a traditional poutine since there's no fries involved , but here in America anything that's stuffed with cheese then fried is sure to be an instant hit.

Check out Epic Meal Time's video for the recipe to make your own Poutine Dumplings.

H/T+ PicThx Gothamist