These 9 Foods Are Made A Lot Easier In A Blender

Whether you’ve fallen victim to the green juice trend, can’t leave the house without your morning smoothie, or are whipping up tropical cocktails every weekend (or weeknight, I don’t judge), your blender is your everything.

If you don’t fall under the category of a health-crazed fiend or a piña colada connoisseur, however, you probably question why you purchased the appliance in the first place.

Luckily, I’m here to tell you there is no need to regret that trip to Bed Bath and Beyond or your impulse purchase of a NutriBullet. Turns out, there are some food favorites or necessities (re: pie) that can be made easily using your blender.

Pancakes and Waffles


No matter where you land in the great pancake vs. waffle debate (waffles are obviously better), fortunately, you don’t have to choose for this hack. Just toss all of your ingredients into the handy appliance until you have a smooth mixture. Then, straight from the blender, pour the batter into your pan and voilà. Though the blender does pretty much everything for you, be sure to add mix-ins by hand such as chocolate chips or blueberries.

Hollandaise Sauce



Has anyone else ever strongly considered eating this magnificent sauce alone and with a spoon? Regardless if your affinity for hollandaise is as strong as mine, prepare it with ease by using a blender. Preparing the sauce this way allows for an even consistency and smooth texture. Just as its name promises, your blender blends the sauce perfectly, thus making an ideal addition to your favorite brunch recipes.



Though arguably one of the most polarizing condiments, if you’re a fellow mayo lover, try making the misunderstood spread using your blender. Only four ingredients are required in making homemade mayonnaise, allowing you to readily smear it on any dish your heart desires. All you need is a cup combining grapeseed and extra virgin olive oil, one egg and an egg yolk, two tablespoons of lemon juice, and a half-teaspoon of salt.

Lemon Pie Filling



Pie is an important food group that amazingly can be prepared using a blender. Whether you need to bring a dessert to a friend’s house or you simply want to eat the whole thing by yourself (you deserve it), this lemon pie recipe only consists of five ingredients. The pie filling calls for lemon, eggs, butter and sugar. Whipped cream and powdered sugar are considered “optional” although we all know it’s really not. Then, just pour over baked pie crust, let set in a fridge, and you're good to go!


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If you’re obsessed with hummus, as it appears the majority of the global population is, you’re in luck because —you guessed it —the addictive Middle Eastern dip can be homemade in a blender. Simply cast all of your ingredients into the appliance to make hummus that is smoother than a magic carpet ride.

Salad Dressing


Salad dressing is the best part of any salad. In fact, I’d personally consider whatever leaves I’ve chosen as nothing but a vessel for my globs of Caesar, French or Italian dressing. Using your blender, these homemade salad dressings are perfectly emulsified, making something that was already good, even better.

Peanut Butter


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George Washington was a true American icon and trailblazer. George Washington Carver, that is. The inventor of peanut butter has always been a personal hero, and now somehow even more so since the delectable spread can be homemade with the push of a button. If you don’t have a heavy-duty blender, ensure you’re preparing the peanut butter in increments. Otherwise, have at it and enjoy.

Pizza Sauce


If you’re suffering from a severe pizza craving, can’t handle the endless waiting of delivery, and thus feel propelled to simply make your own, you might as well make the sauce yourself, too. As pizza is made up of approximately three ingredients, each one becomes crucial in forming the perfect pie. Homemade pizza sauce is truly mouthwatering and can be made so easily in your blender.



Laws of physics disallow your favorite Mexican cuisine to be eaten without salsa. That’s a fact, Google it. If you have a burrito, taco, quesadilla or especially tortilla chips, quickly whip up some salsa in your blender. Preparing salsa this way allows for a smooth, even consistency that is unparalleled in store-bought jars.