The Tragic Story of Ryan Gosling and Cereal [VIDEO]

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Ryan Gosling is known for many things. Hunk, great actor, and even, "God," are not uncommon phrases when referring to this perfect man. But cereal lover will never be one of them. "Hey girl, want to share a bowl of cornflakes?" said Gosling never.


Ryan first graced the Internet with his presence with the popular "Hey girl" meme. Since then, we just can't get enough of him. For example, posts about him doing simple day-to-day activities, like holding a water bottle, go viral.

This cereal series was no exception. It was first submitted through Vine, Twitter's response to Instagram but with 6-seconds-or-less videos instead of pics. All the credit of Gosling's unhappy relationship with cereal goes to film director, Ryan McHenry. The world thanks you.

This YouTube video highlights some of the best Vine clips:


P.S. It's OK, Ryan. I'll won't eat cereal with you <3.