The 'Tacone' is What Happens When the Taco Isn't One-handed Enough for America

The Tacone could be one of the most prolific American food innovations we've seen this year...well, at least this week.


It maintains a high concept as simple as a "taco in a waffle cone," but the ramifications of the relationship are ridiculous enough to warrant further discussion. Tacone creator Nick, an innovative food blogger who's coined such delicious foodsperiments such as the Chicken and Waffle Cone, Chicken and Waffle Wings, and the Cinnaburger, was inspired by his own meticulous food musings.

His latest train of thought forced him to find the only negative facet of the hard shell taco -- the fact that they fall apart when you eat them. The answer to such a tribulation? Turning the shell into a cone, of course.


Using a waffle cone maker, Nick filled the machine with an untraditional batter consisting of corn flour, water and a dash of salt (smart). Following the cone shaping, the maleable partially cooked dough is formed into a cone, and then dunked in a deep fryer. Imagine a crunchy corn taco shell in the shape of a cone, and you're starting to grasp the greatness occurring in Nick's kitchen.

Once the cone was ready, it was filled with the desired taco ingredients and devoured. Not a single thing fell out of Nick's Tacone -- "not even a single piece of lettuce!" he reports.

A taco waffle baby. Aliens, your move.