The Rock Literally Eats 10 POUNDS Of Food A Day—Here's A Breakdown Of His Diet


One look at The Rock and one of the first words that come to mind is, "BEAST!"

Well, the People's Champ truly eats like a beast, as a breakdown of his food consumption shows he eats about 10.5 pounds of food per day.

FiveThirtyEight put together a chart that broke down The Rock's seven daily meals, and not only does it add up to about 5,390 calories, but 1,069 of those calories come from his lunch alone. Most guys his age (He turns 43 in May) only consume about 2,734 calories a day.



Most of his meals are in the form of cod fish, which he eats 2.3 pounds of a day, adding up to about 821 pounds of cod a year. Yup, 821 POUNDS OF COD IN A YEAR.

For all the muscle heads out there reading this, his macros add up to about 460 grams of protein a day, 566 grams of carbohydrates and 109 grams of fat.

Step your gains up, jabroni.