Taco Bell Is Trying A Home Delivery Service, The Internet Goes Crazy


Taco Bell recently announced that they will begin testing a home-delivery service in 2015. According to current CEO, Brian Niccol, the move will further establish the fast-food company as a brand for millennials. Though we're pretty sure millennials aren't the only ones who enjoy having tacos delivered.

This is a pretty respectable move on Taco Bell's part. They're still trying to figure it out. Niccol says that the company wants to make sure that the consistency of the food is there when home-delivered.

Sure, you can pack it in a bag and treat it like it was ordered from a drive-thru. As all drive-thru patrons know, however, the experience is just not the same. Whether a five minute drive or a fifty minute one, food just doesn't taste as good unless it's freshly made. Yes, even fast food.


According to Niccol, the request of delivery is the largest request from the Taco Bell customer base.

With the advent of wireless platforms, Taco Bell will have a variety of outlets to get their delivery service off to a booming start. Y'know, if they can figure out the consistency issue.

Some form of delivery, regardless, will be in testing phases towards the end of this year. Needless to say, the Internet is stoked: