Taco Bell Night Shift Workers BEGGED People Not To Talk About Star Wars

This weekend's Star Wars: The Force Awakens premier was so nerve-wracking. If you've already seen the movie, you generally want to be courteous and not talk about it around those who haven't had the chance to catch that epic plot twists and turns. If you're on the other side, you lose your mind at the very squeak of movie talk.

This Taco Bell suffered from the latter problem.

A photo posted to Reddit showed a sign that essentially begged and pleaded hungry moviegoers to chill and not talk about Star Wars, so the poor TB employees wouldn't have the movie spoiled by hearing that Chewbacca died. I mean... Just kidding.

The sign reads:


"If you've seen the new Star Wars, please don't discuss it here. The night employees are unable to go and will cry. Thank you, MGMT."

Hopefully, by night's end, none of the night crew had tears streaming down their faces, but it's unlikely, because everyone was talking about the crazy way they brought back Darth Vader. Just kidding, again. Or am I?

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