Taco Bell's Brand New Firecracker Burrito Features SPICY POP ROCKS

Taco Bell's got a brand-new burrito test item, and it is literally poppin'.

Reddit user Elbore alerted us to the presence of a brand-new Firecracker Burrito that's currently being tested in the Orange County, CA area. The new wrap comes in two forms (cheesy and spicy), and is filled with rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, beef, and red tortilla strips. Both burritos are wrapped up in the same red tortilla, but the spicy version gets an added chipotle sauce kick to the fillings.

Image: Constantine Spyrou/Foodbeast


Apart from the regular ingredients in the burrito, you can add a packet of SPICY POP ROCKS to the mix for a 20-cent addition to the $1.29 price. They add a sweet-spicy flavor along with a fizzy texture to the burrito, but be warned: too many of these popping candies at once could make the burrito taste way too sweet, which, as I've learned the hard way, is not a pleasant feeling.

Image: Peter Pham/Foodbeast

UPDATE: We've been able to confirm with Taco Bell that four total restaurants are testing the new wrap until August 16. Here are the addresses for each of the four locations you can purchase these new Firecracker Burritos from:


If you're curious to see what this sweet and fiery combo tastes like, head to the above address to check out this Firecracker Burrito for yourself.