This Taco Bell LASAGNA Cost Me $80 And Was Worth Every Last Penny


Taco. Bell. LASAGNA.

I love Taco Bell. I love Lasagna. What could go wrong?

In true inspiration-just-struck-fuck-everything-else-at-work-time-to-go-home fashion, I packed my bag, said bye to my co-workers, and drove home early, eager to get to work on this recipe.

With the speakerphone blaring, I remember breaking down the dinner plans for my roommate Matt:


"Matt, I'm on the way home. Taco Bell, we're doing it in Lasagna form."

By the time I pulled up to our house, Matt was already waiting on the front porch, amped as fuck, outfitted in his finest stretchy pants. The look in his eye revealed that he was indeed put on planet Earth to co-pilot the ship about to land on planet TACO BELL FUCKIN' LASAGNA

The duration of our 3 minute drive to Taco Bell consisted of lasagna architecture ramblings and Live Más puns. "We need a layer of Cheesy Roll-ups!" and then "an entire layer of just their ground beef and cheese." Everything needs to be separated by ACTUAL lasagna noodles, for visuals and taste, of course.



Upon arrival we ordered $80 worth of product, some 20 sides of ground beef (that's how they sell them, sides...apparently not everyone builds their own Taco Bell Lasagna...), 20 sides of refried beans, 20 of the Cheesy Roll Ups and 8 various burritos that didn't have vegetables in them (gross once baked).

Then we went to town:

The only ingredients we didn't get from Taco Bell were over-sized tortillas for the base of the lasagna pan and the lasagna noodles themselves. Both are super easy to acquire at the supermarket, and really bring the entire thing together.

Every last bite was magical. The sour cream, the layers of cheese, Taco Bell sauce, ground beef, refried beans, tortillas, more cheese...I. Feel. Like. A. Basic. Bitch. But. I. Just. CAN. NOT. EVEN.

If you recreate this for your next party, make sure to tag #foodbeast so we can see how they come out!