Taco Bell Wants You To Buy Their Mystery Item Before It's Revealed...Should You?

Everybody loves suspense, despite the common declaration that it's killing them. In regards to Taco Bell's newest mystery item, however, the suspense is literally (not literally) killing me.

According to a redacted note from Taco Bell's public relations team, this newest creation, "is full of mouthwatering __________ with the beloved ingredients Taco Bell is known for including _______ and _______."


Taco Bell plans to reveal the newest addition to the menu on Monday, with the help of celebrities and athletes, such as James Harden, Giorgio Tsoukalos (the man from the "aliens" meme), and Brian E. Wilson, more commonly and awesomely known as the Texas Law Hawk.

However, the contents of the little green box are an enigma even to them.

What we DO know about the mystery item is that it will sell for $2.99 at all participating locations. Taco Bell is also allowing people to pre-order the secret item, that way they can have the opportunity to try it on Saturday, February 6th, the day before the item will be revealed in a new Super Bowl ad.


It's a $3 gamble. Are you willing to take it?

Photo Credit: Leader Call, NeoGAF