Taco Bell Hints That It May Start Selling Fries In The Near Future

Taco Bell fries have been spotted in test markets in recent months. Now, it seems like those crispy spuds may be heading to locations nationwide thanks to a hint dropped by The Bell itself.

It all started with the above tweet from Blink-182 bass player Mark Hoppus, who put Del Taco over the ubiquitous taco chain because of the fact that they had fries. Taco Bell just couldn't help responding to it, and in doing so, left open the possibility that they would begin selling a similar item in stores.

As previously mentioned, Taco Bell was testing out nacho fries in some select locations, and even had a single restaurant selling the same cheesy spuds alongside plain, seasoned ones. Based on that and Taco Bell's recent Twitter hint, it's very possible that one or both of these items could be hitting restaurants nationwide soon.

We'll have to keep an eye out to be sure if this is really happening or not, but Taco Bell's tweet could very well be the lightning before the thunder.


Featured Image for this article taken by Elie Ayrouth//Foodbeast