Taco Bell Challenges Chipotle With Brand New Forbidden Rice Bowl And Burrito

Taco Bell has just unveiled their latest innovative test item. The new Forbidden Rice bowl and burrito are a clear challenge to Chipotle's line of products.

forbidden rice bowl
Photo by Brayden Curtis/Foodbeast

While Chipotle specializes in custom bowls and burritos, they tend to use basic ingredients like white or brown rice, chicken, salsas, and veggies. On the other hand, Taco Bell is unleashing their full creative potential with Forbidden black rice. This "ancient grain" was only consumed by the emperors of ancient China in the past, hence where its name comes from. It has since become very popular in both China and worldwide, as it is prized for its high level of antioxidants. Forbidden black rice is also a great source of protein and minerals like manganese and molybdenum.


Taco Bell takes this legendary rice and puts it into an upscale spin on the rice bowl. It comes with sour cream, romaine lettuce, black beans, tomatoes, a spicy and tangy Forbidden sauce, fried pieces of avocado, and your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken, grilled chicken, or steak.

forbidden rice bowl burrito
Photo by Constantine Spyrou/Foodbeast.

You can also get the bowl in burrito form, which is perfect if you want the health benefits of black rice while eating on the go.


From our initial taste tests, its clear that Taco Bell has a leg up on Chipotle with the new Forbidden Rice meals. Video team member Brayden Curtis proclaims it to be "better than Chipotle." The spicy but tangy Forbidden sauce goes perfectly with the chicken here. And the rice adds a great texture and flavor to the dish, which is complemented even further with the crispy yet creamy fried avocado pieces.

Those wanting to get a taste of this item won't have to wait long, but you do need to be in Orange County, CA. A single Taco Bell location, at 2222 Barranca Parkway in Irvine, California, will sell the black rice items starting Thursday, September 14th. A beef Forbidden Burrito or Bowl will be $3.49, while shredded chicken or steak will be $3.99. Additionally, you can get either item in a $5 Box with a Doritos Locos Taco, Crunchy Taco, and medium drink.

Taco Bell's new Forbidden Rice Bowl and Burrito will only be available for a week once they release. Thus, if you want to try these innovative new items out, you'll need to act fast.