How To Make Taco Bell's ENTIRE Menu Right At Home


Have you ever hit that point where you're craving Taco Bell flavors so bad, but you just don't want to leave the house? We've all been there. If only we knew how to satiate our Taco Bell cravings at home.

Brothers Green Eats, known for making creative recipes, decided to finally make a video showing viewers how to make Taco Bell's entire menu from the home office.


Menu items include: Taco Bell's ground beef (seasoning and all), refried beans, fire sauce, nachos cheese sauce, hard and soft shell tacos, Crunch Wrap Supremes, Double Decker Tacos, Steak Quesadillas and the Mexican Pizza.

Sitting through this video, we're pretty pumped to try making some Taco Bell at home. Though chances are we'll probably just hit the drive through on our way to the grocery store getting ingredients.