Wendy's Top Secret 9-Patty 'T-Rex' Burger Spotted In The U.S.

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Wendy's famed T-Rex burger was first spotted in Canada back in 2013, as people lost their minds at the idea of a burger with nine beef patties and nine cheese slices. As fast as it started trending on Reddit, Wendy's nixed it, killing the dreams of adventurous carnivores everywhere.

Well, the Shaquille O'Neal-sized burger has been recently spotted in the U.S. over the last couple of months, which means you can start panicking.


Looks like I'm in Kentucky! #kentucky #wendys #hypertension #trumpcare

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There have been several sightings of this behemoth being sold at a Wendy's inside the Pilot Travel Center in Peden Mill, Kentucky.

When Foodbeast contacted the Wendy's location, the employee over the phone said they do not have a T-Rex burger, so they're either trying to keep it really secret or someone in Kentucky is trolling us.


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When it was spotted in 2013, the advertised price was $21.99 a-la-carte and $24.99 for a combo, so it doesn't come cheap.

Instagram user @Akeem365 came with receipts, though, being charged for 3 Baconator's for a total of $25.17, before taxes. It does look like he put this together himself, so we won't get too excited over this specific picture, although it looks like the greatest heart attack, ever.


Even if it isn't on their "secret menu" yet, you could probably just pay for the nine patties and cheeses, and build it yourself, but run the risk of the entire staff hating you.