'90s Alert: SURGE Soda Is Officially Back On Store Shelves

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It looks like '90s babies can rejoice, as one of the sketchiest sounding sodas, but still a favorite, can be found on select store shelves across the US, with more to come.

Surge, which was discontinued in 2003, started its official comeback Monday, September 7 and several stores have already picked up cases of the radioactive-looking, citrus-flavored soda.

Where To Find It


Surge has provided a map of the retailers that are currently carrying them, and will keep updating it as the brick-and-mortar comeback continues to move its way throughout the nation.

"The Surge Movement" Facebook page has not held in its excitement, saying Surge is now available in over 1/3 of the US, and has been posting photos of stores that are already selling the drink.


Thank you SURGE Movement for bringing SURGE back to my hometown! So amazing.Matt

Posted by SURGE Movement on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Surge has been available through Amazon since September 2014, as most fans might remember it selling out immediately after its first drop. However, a 12-pack of the 16-ounce cans will cost upward of $50 on Amazon Pantry.

This is sweet news for '90s kids who remember watching Saturday morning cartoons, like, Bobby's World, and seeing the Surge commercials where the whole 'hood raced to get their prized Surge soda bottle on the street.

Now the whole 'hood can race to the limited stores and fight each other off to get a piece of their childhood back.