Gamers Rejoice, Super Mario Cereal Is Coming Soon To The U.S.

Whether shooting Koopa shells from go-karts, or saving a princess from a pixelated castle, Super Mario has been a beloved staple in pop culture since the 80s. Now our favorite mustachioed plumber will be making his way to your kitchen, as an official Super Mario Cereal will be hitting U.S. store shelves.

While Kellogg's U.S. didn't confirm it yet, Kellogg's UK did us a favor, tweeting out, "We can confirm this product is being released in the U.S., but not currently in the UK. We will pass your feedback on! Thanks."


If you search for it on Brickseek, the cereal is already in Target's inventory, with a retail price of $3.14, so it could be coming soon.

From photos, it looks like the cereal will consist of  star shaped toasted oats, and "power-up" marshmallows. Kind of like Lucky charms, but with different shapes.


Gamers can also rejoice as it seems the cereal is an amiibo, which allows players to scan the box and unlock special content on Super Mario Odyssey.

All signs point to the cereal being real, although there is no official confirmation at this point, but needless to say, Americans will be waiting on this one, especially at Target.