This Is What Subway's New 'Tacos' Look Like


When you think of tacos, you usually think of sketchy ground beef, covered with a ton of lettuce and wrapped in a flat bread, right? Probably not, but that's pretty much what Subway Japan's new Subway Taco is.

It's really just one of their regular flatbread sandwiches, except the usual cold cuts are replaced with ground beef. They're offering a spicy salsa with it, too -- I guess that's kind of taco-ish.


A Grilled Tandori Chickn sub and Shrimp Avocado Salsa sub join the taco as part of a new spicy promotion Subway has going until the end of August.

Maybe Subway's banking on Japanese people not knowing, or caring what a taco is, but some Mexican taqueros need to open up shop down there, quickly, so Japanese food-beasts can know what a taco is supposed to look like.