McDonald's Is Testing A Spicy New Sriracha Big Mac


The Sriracha trend has died down quite a bit over the last couple years, but apparently McDonald's is still going to hold on to it, albeit kind of late, with their testing of a Sriracha Big Mac.

The new burger still has the essence of the standard Big Mac, with a sriracha-infused modification to their Mac Sauce, according to Nation's Restaurant News.


While the testing is only being done in central Ohio, it will reach 128 McDonald's locations, through the end of 2016.

"Offering the addition of Sriracha to our Big Mac Special Sauce was a fun way for our culinary innovations team to think outside the box and continue to answer the call of our customers who are always looking for the next great innovation in food experience and taste,” Scott Nickell, Central Ohio Co-op president, said in a statement.

The new spicy Big Mac announcement comes a week after the fast food joint got people hyped over their two new Big Mac sizes, so if the testing goes well, we might soon see a Sriracha Mac Jr. and Sriracha Grand Mac as well.


McDonald's also flirted with signature Sriracha burgers in Southern California and Seattle back in July, calling the spicy Big Mac-based sauce "Awesome Sauce."

You can't really fault McDonald's for jumping onto the Sriracha bandwagon. Although the popular hot sauce was at its peak a few years ago, the overall sales of hot sauce have grown by 150 percent since 2000.

Hopefully this leads to wide release and we can all give it a shot, and dunk our fries into their Sriracha Mac Sauce.