[WATCH] Snoop Dogg's Now Training Burger King Employees, Brings Some Gangster To The Kitchen

The burger joint is going to roll them out February 23, but before they do, the employees need to be properly trained, and apparently, Snoop Dogg was the most qualified man to do so.


Yes, this Snoop Dogg:

saucin it up wit nef @PostMalone​ on new #GGN #westfesttv wit @MERRYjANE​ !!

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The Boss Dogg himself is the one leading the way in Burger King's employee training video for the "Whopper of hot dogs," and somehow, he doesn't instruct the workers to spark up a doobie before beginning.

Of course, this is just a cleverly disguised Ad, because there's no way Burger King actually trains its employees, but it's still a damn good watch: