Skull-Shaped Spoon is a Macabre Way to Count Calories


Skull-shaped Pancakes? Sure. Skull-shaped eggs? Definitely. Skull-shaped spoon? Take. My. Money. Right. Now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the utensil that finally has me pulling out my wallet is here. I present to you, the Sugar Skull Spoon. Created by design company Hundred Million, this morbid item on Kickstarter is meant to "gently remind you sugar is evil each time you make a tea or coffee." Not to mention that it trumps all the other boring spoons in your kitchen.

Despite the holes for the skull's eyes and nose, the spoon's concave design allows you to take big scoops. This will no doubt cause your friends to be both impressed by your seeming defiance of physics and jealous for looking so damn stylish.


H/T+Picthx Cool Material