Major Simpsons Fan Renovating Entire Kitchen To Look Like The Cartoon's

Superfans, of any kind, will do some outlandish things to show their dedication, so it may, or may not be a surprise that a couple in Canada is actually setting up their kitchen to look just like the one in the Simpsons cartoon.

While a regular fan might go small and buy some yellow corn curtains, or some green utensils in tribute to the show, Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton decided to go all out in their kitchen renovation.


Thankfully for them, the kitchen's setup is already similar to the Simpsons' kitchen, so all they have to do is match the colors to make it look cartoony.

As long as they keep the fridge stocked with Duff beer and make sure the neighbors peek in through the window periodically, they'll have the whole Simpsons' kitchen feel locked in.

h/t eater