Shoney's Is Showing Cops Some Love With A Free Meal

Shoney's Logo

Shoney’s is offering a free meal to all members of the law enforcement community.  The American restaurant chain will give any police officer a free meal anytime on Wednesday, July 27.

The idea was developed by Shoney’s CEO and chairman Mr. David Davoudpour, who in a press release said it was a move to thank the law enforcement community as a whole.

“America’s men and women in blue need to hear ‘Thank You’ in a tangible and heartfelt way,” Davoudpour said. 

This isn’t the only time that Shoney’s has supported law enforcement. The chain annually holds a run called Shoney’s 5k Family Fun Run at the chain’s headquarters in Nashville. The run, now in its 8th year donates all proceeds to the Nashville Police Fund. All funds are also matched by Davoudpour.

The deal will be offered across all Shoney’s restaurants. Officers are limited to one free meal each, and must either arrive in uniform or provide proper identification. The offer is also only valid for dine-in meals.