Sexist Chinese Restaurant Offers Discounts Depending On Women's Bust Size

Acquiring a big discount at a restaurant for being physically "gifted" may seem like an absolutely ludicrous promotion, but this restaurant in China thought it was an ingenious ploy to attract patrons to their restaurant.

A restaurant in Qianjiang, China named "Trendy Shrimp," has come under fire for their sexist marketing display, basically advertising a "bigger breasts= bigger discounts" campaign to draw more foot traffic to the eatery.

sexist restaurant discounts
Photo By:Qianjiang Evening Post


The poster exhibiting their campaign is apparently using popular online game "League of Legends" characters to graphically show the rate of discount a woman would receive in correlation with bust size: A woman with an A cup would get roughly 5% off, while a woman with a G cup would get 65% off.

Interestingly enough, the Qiangjiang Evening Post has reported that the campaign has received very mixed reviews—some finding it in good fun, enjoying the discounts afforded to them, while others thought it to be insulting, vulgar, and immoral.

Trendy Shrimp has since apologized and stopped its crude campaign, but while the promotion was still in effect, their sales have reportedly seen a 3% increase, with 90% of customers being women. While the marketing approach was undoubtedly sexist and would likely not make it past the drawing board in American businesses, it clearly made a positive impact on the numbers for the restaurant.