RoboBurger Vending Machine Redefines Fast Food

The future is here and while we may not have R2-D2 or Wall-E, there is a robot that's ready to serve you a hamburger.

RoboBurger, the world's first fully autonomous robot burger chef in a vending machine, is launching today, March 25, in New Jersey.


The robot uses a five-step cooking process similar to what chefs use in quick service restaurants. The robo chef grills the patty, toasts the bun, dispenses the selected condiments, assembles the burger and delivers it piping hot in less than six minutes, for only $6.99. 

The first location will be the Simon Mall at the Newport Centre in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Following launch, RoboBurger will be scaling up to other malls, planning a pilot on a military base, in a NYC college and at a giant tech company in Seattle. 

RoboBurger measures 12 square feet, plugs into a traditional wall socket, has a refrigerator, an automated griddle and cleaning unit. 

The RoboBurger now out and plans for fry-making robots to be implemented at a number of White Castle locations, the future of fast food looks to be more automated.


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