White Castle Will Employ Fry-Making Robots at Select Locations

The fast food franchise once known as having "the taste for all time" is now looking to the future — when it comes to how they cook their fries and sides.


White Castle recently announced plans to reteam with Miso Robotics and install Flippy 2, an autonomous kitchen assistant, in 100 locations. 

The is the latest step for the partnership, which began in September 2020 with the deployment of the original Flippy to a White Castle in the Chicagoland area. Following an upgrade to Flippy 2 last November, White Castle doubled down with the Pasadena, California-based tech company's technology after seeing a positive impact on daily operations and productivity.    


“Our partnership with Miso continues to lead the way on what’s next for back of house restaurant operations looking to empower team members with technology to better satisfy customers,” said Jeff Carper, Chief Operating Officer at White Castle. “Having Flippy 2 be a new hire at 100 of our White Castle locations keeps us on a path to achieve big goals at White Castle.” 

By taking over the work of an entire fry station, Flippy 2 alleviates some of the issues that come with back-of-house gigs at fast food restaurants and allows its human coworkers to maximize the efficiency in the rest of the kitchen.    

Flippy 2’s rollout will be phased and will be scheduled in the months and years ahead.      

As long as White Castle doesn't lose the romance, we should be okay with our fries being made by a droid.