Rick & Morty May Have Convinced McDonald's To Bring Back Their Szechuan Sauce

For those of you that missed it, Rick & Morty came back out of nowhere on April Fool's Day and the adult cartoon show has one specific request for McDonald's: bring back the Szechuan sauce.


The new episode features an origin story for lead character Rick Sanchez, part of which includes a quest to bring back this limited-time dipping sauce option for McNuggets. The Szechuan sauce was released in timing with the release of iconic Disney movie Mulan back in 1998, but was discontinued afterward and hasn't returned since.

This wasn't just headlined in the show, however. The official Rick and Morty Twitter began talking about and requesting that McDonald's bring back this sauce, as well.


They even got McDonald's to respond in Rick and Morty fashion, so the possibility does exist that this might happen.


Actually, considering that the live-action Mulan movie is scheduled to release next year, you never know what is possible. Maybe Rick and Morty succeed in bringing the Szechuan sauce back after all.

UPDATE: A McDonald's corporate chef just tweeted that he will "see what he can do," meaning that the Szechuan sauce could actually be returning to McDonald's restaurants soon.