These Top Ramen Pringles Taste Exactly Like The Real Thing

Sometimes, you get flavored chips that don't really taste like the flavor they claim to be. That's not what we have here with these new Pringles.


The iconic chip brand has joined forces with ramen-making giant NISSIN to develop a Chicken Top Ramen-flavored Pringle that literally brings you back to slurping up bowls of noods in college. Then you remember they're potato chips, and immediately, your mind gets blown.

Granted, they do taste similar to raw, crunchy Top Ramen, but the fact that it's a snackable potato chip makes it just a little more appealing than eating uncooked noodles.

If you're excited to try this college food mashup out, Dollar General is gonna start carrying them this month nationwide. If you do pick up a cylinder, try closing your eyes when biting into one of these ramen-flavored chips. You're gonna be surprised at how much this tastes like the real deal.