Pumpkin Pies Make a Limited Return to McDonald's


With Thanksgiving coming up and pumpkin products filling up every fast food menu, McDonald's is returning a fan-favorite, the Pumpkin Pie, to their restaurants. A pumpkin-flavored pie? Now this pumpkin thing has really jumped the shark. Next thing you know, they'll come up with something ridiculous like a burger made with ramen noodles.

McDonald's is known for their turnover-esque pies, each with a different filling and a cinnamon-sugar pastry. At 240 calories, the Pumpkin Pies are sold for around 89 cents each. They'll be available presumably through the end of the Thanksgiving holiday at select McDonald's stores. Prices, however, may vary depending on location.


Looking forward to it as the pumpkin is one of their better promotional pies. Sorry, cherry.