Popeyes Threw Their Chicken Tenders In Cookie Dough And The Results Are Irresistible

Popeyes, known for some insanely good fast food chicken, is trying something a little curious. The fried chicken chain announced the national release of a sweet new item that's sure to turn some heads.

While not exactly chicken covered in a layer of chocolate chip cookie batter (though that would that be a sight), the new Sweet & Crunchy Tenders are made with a shortbread cookie coating that provides both a sweet flavor and crunchy texture.


Foodbeast's resident fried chicken lover and J. Cole hater Reach, fellow writer Ralph, and myself decided to head over to the nearest Popeyes to try this new item for ourselves. There was a sizable wait for the strips, since they were a pretty popular item even in the early days of launching.

Once we did finally got to dig into some, I'd say that the batter wasn't overwhelming enough to be considered a full-fledged cookie crust and, thankfully, far from gimmicky. In fact, it was a nice subtle sweetness when paired with the hot chicken meat. Not bad.


"Popeye's continues their streak of 'shit that they keep doing right.'" said Reach.

Patrons of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen will find the new Sweet & Crunchy Tenders from now through June 25. May we recommend some of their Blackened Ranch dipping sauce?