Pizza Hut Stuffs Their Newest Crusts With Applewood-Smoked Bacon

Pizza Hut has announced that they're doing a new stuffed crust pizza. The pizza chain's newest pie will feature applewood smoked bacon baked into the cheese-filled crust.

In our excitement, we had some delivered to our office from the local Pizza Hut spot.

Here's what it looks like...


Photo: Pizza Hut

...and here's what we got.



Photo: @pham_bot

So there's definitely not as much bacon as the promo image suggests. That's for sure. Still, if you're ordering Pizza Hut (or any fast food), you kinda have to go into it will less-than the highest of expectations.

Still, were just so damn excited about all that bacon and cheese. Bummer.

You can get a large one-topping stuffed-crust pizza for $12.99.