Pizza Hut Debuts Spicy Lover's Pizza Packing Loads Of HEAT

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

I love to load my pizza with crushed peppers, dose it in hot sauce, or pack it with jalapeños. Any kind of heat is more than welcome before digging into a hot slice.


For those who are gluttons for all things spicy, Pizza Hut has launched an all-new Spicy Lover's Pizza.

The new pie features a spicy marinara sauce that combines sweet with heat. It's then met with sliced red chilis and Fiery Flakes (made from a blend of herbs and crushed red peppers).

Pizza Hut's new Spicy Lover's Pizzas are available in three different varieties: Spicy Double Pepperoni, Spicy Hawaiian Chicken, and Spicy Veggie.

The pizzas will be available at participating locations nationwide for a limited time.