For One Week Only, ALL Pizza Hut Pizzas Will Be 50% Off

Pizza Hut knows damn well you're trying to get on that "New year, new me" diet and is offering the ultimate temptation by pricing every single pizza on its menu at 50 percent off.

From January 2-8, any order placed online or on the Pizza Hut mobile app will be half off. That means if you want that large Meat Lover's Pizza, instead of paying the usual $17.99 price point, the before tax total comes out to $8.99. It's not limited to a medium 1-topping pizza, like you so often see from Pizza Hut's deals.


“We’re kicking off 2018 with a deal that helps slow the spending, but not the fun,” Zipporah Allen, Vice President of Marketing at Pizza Hut said. “The holidays are over, but entertaining season is in full swing. Whether planning a party for the college football championship or the start of Hollywood’s award season, this online deal makes it easy to serve great tasting pizza for an affordable price.”


Unfortunately, the wings, pasta, and other sides do not qualify for this sweet deal, but beggars can't be choosers. I mean, they can be, just not at Pizza Hut.

The deal applies for both delivery and carryout orders, so it's not one of those things where they make you walk in the store, or force you to tip the shaggy-haired teen working the joint. It's your choice how you want it handed to you.

While this might put a damper on your dieting goals, at least it'll help out your financial goals. Probably.