Pickle Hummus is a Reality Thanks to This New Collab

Pickles are arguably one of the most polarizing condiments, for every devoted fan you'll find another person who matches that energy with utter disgust. And since pickles are such a lightning rod for controversy, it's no wonder things like pickle pizza and pickle ice cream have caused quite a buzz. But are we ready for pickle hummus?


Thanks to a new collaboration between Ithaca Hummus and Grillo's Pickles, pickle hummus is now a thing.

This new summer product blends Grillo’s Pickles’ pristine signature dill flavor with Ithaca’s cold-crafted hummus, resulting in a uniquely zesty and bright taste that can amp up any summer barbecue or pool party.

Ithaca and Grillo's Pickles Hummus is available for a limited time at select retailers nationwide including Whole Foods, Fresh Direct, Stop & Shop, Tops and more.