PETA Asked Twitter Users To Explain Why They Eat Bacon And Got Savaged

PETA (or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) learned a harsh lesson today: Don't ask the internet for something they can use to utterly trash you with.

The vegan lifestyle advocacy group recently went on social media to ask people a simple question:

The idea appeared to be that PETA could destroy any argument for consuming this delicious food of the gods. However, their comebacks honestly leave a lot to be desired.


Oops. PETA messed up on that one.

Internet 2, PETA 0.

That's not even a comeback.


PETA was just totally unprepared for these comebacks to their GIFs that were the equivalent of a basic person flipping their hair and saying "What-EVER." So much for that strong argument to whatever people could say about how much they loved bacon.

That wasn't even the worst part of this social media fiasco, however. People also took to Twitter to slam PETA for some atrocities that they have committed recently around domesticated pets. PETA tried to muster up a defense, but it was weaker than a tofu scramble.

PETA had no response to this one. Wonder why....


Yea, publishing your own spin on what you do is the equivalent of a lying criminal proclaiming his innocence to be truth.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself next time, PETA.